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1. Random Acts of Kindness

We have 468 Christmas cards available to pick up starting this Sunday.  We are challenging Impact Members to take several Christmas Cards.  Based on the number of cards you take we would like you to purchase a gift for someone with a special message.  For example: (Pastor Corey is taking 5 cards and purchasing gifts for his Mailman, Waste Management workers, a neighbor and two residents of a nursing home.  Another person is taking 10 cards and getting red poinsettias for a nursing home). CARDS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE TENT

2. Adopt a Family Christmas

Contact Persons: Pastor Montree & Latasha Everett Contact #678-231-3385

Providing Christmas dinner and gifts to a single mother.

3. Forsyth Park (People Helping People)

Serving and volunteering on the 3rd Sunday after Sunday morning service.  All volunteers are encouraged to provide a pack of white socks to warm the feet of the homeless this winter. 

4. Fill that Stocking (People Helping People)

Contact Persons: Vincent and Natasha Simmons Contact #910-977-4814

Suggested items, but not limited to are:
Adults: Books, reading glasses, colognes, Gift cards, phone cards, bus passes, insulated travel mug, winter gloves, scully knit hats, crossword puzzle or word search books, socks, nonperishable foods like packs of crackers, nuts, etc...(No chocolate candy please)  You get the idea ; )
Kids:  Bubbles, kids books, various toys, small children bibles, coloring books/crayons, winter gloves and hats, McDonald gift cards, etc.. No Chocolate candy please but other non perishable kid yummies.    STOCKINGS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE TENT


5. Christmas Offering for Alpha Ministries Pakistan & Missionary Nisar Aslam of Pakistan

Every month since the start of Impact Church we have given $100 to $200 each month to support the missions work of Rev Nisar.  He and his team is doing a great work in such a difficult nation.  This month we would like to increase our giving so that he and his team can reach more men, women and children with the gospel message of Jesus Christ.  GIVING BOX WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR THE NEXT FEW SUNDAYS DURING SERVICE

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