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Elder Walter Hall

Chief Adjutant to Chief Apostle

As Chief Adjutant, Elder Hall is responsible for sanctifying the leader in the eyes of the people, and to create a positive atmosphere for the leader and the people, and to oversee the vestments of all Priests and Levites. Pastor Hall is a dynamic preacher, teacher and leader in the Kingdom of God. A native of Orlando, FL, Elder Hall answered the call to be a carrier of God’s word at the age of 20. Elder Hall is a born leader who recognizes the urgent need to preach good news.

God has blessed Elder Hall with a prophetic anointing and he preaches a strong word of deliverance by proclaiming that God’s word stands true in spite of life’s obstacles and challenges. Elder Hall presently serves under the tutelage of the Honorable Bishop Arthur T. Jones Sr. He has attended St. Thomas Theological Seminary in Jacksonville, FL and successfully completed the Kingdom Soldiers Leadership Course at All People International Church. This course empowers men and women with practical principles of leadership as well as promotes them to be effective and efficient leaders in the family and community.

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