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It all began in the double car garage of his parents, R. C. Jones, Sr. and Evangelist Essie M. Jones, 6409 Lobella Street.  Elder Jones met with a small group of eager family members and friends who believed in him and the God of his salvation. 


From the beginning it was known that God had established the church for people of all colors, social and economical backgrounds.  This was the consideration as the new members thought to establish a church name.  But it was the heart of a young man who was not yet a member that God touched and gave the name “ALL PEOPLE”.


God began to add to the vineyard. With His promises that he would bless the church, God let All People know that it was time to leave the garage. As the members prepared for the move, God made one simple request of them, “I will bless you, but in your prosperity, do not forget Me.” At God’s word the Pastor and his members began to seek another church home. In the early stages of the ministry, God spoke to Pastor Jones telling him that he must go to the mountaintop. The time had now come where the Pastor and church were being reminded that though God had blessed them tremendously and was well pleased; the vision was yet. All People had done a mighty work in their little church. Souls were saved. Those that had left the will of God and His arc of safety were reclaimed. Many people were healed, and equally important, the members’ love for each other grew. God called Ministers, Missionaries and Deacons to do His work and the congregation was growing. Following the establishment of the church’s local missions, All People under the direction of its pioneering Pastor, partnered with international evangelists to begin maintaining missions in both Africa and Brazil. In addition, All People worked to support and maintain schools in Africa and contributed to the construction of a radio station in Brazil, which has been dedicated to the memory of and named after the late R.C. Jones, Sr. (the Bishop’ Father).November of 1996, Bishop Jones began the work on the next level in the vision-the new sanctuary. On August 31, 1997, we dedicated the newly erected, beautifully structured, pristine $1.5 million building. The “VISION” that hung on the walls of the “Diamond Church” for many years was now a reality. From the humbled beginnings in the two-car garage, to God’s expected end which reaches around the globe . . . THE PEOPLE HAD A MIND TO WORK.

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