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Michael A. Holloway

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Michael J. Holloway is a gifted vocalist and musician from Jacksonville, Florida; who started his journey as a Gospel Recording Artist in 2016. He released his first album project titled This Time, in March of 2018;
which included four songs that aired on radio stations: God’s Gonna Make a Way, This Time, No Not One, and Champion. On June of 2022, Michael held his first live recording concert and released the single “SHOUT YOUR NAME” on September of 2023. 

The upcoming Live Recording Album, Release the Sound, is scheduled for April 2024.
Michael James Holloway was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida where he grew up actively serving in the church playing the keyboard, drums and leading worship. While singing in a music ministry, Michael met his beautiful and multi-talented wife Katrina Holloway; who is also a singer/songwriter, as well as his ministry and business partner. 

Together they share a devotion to God, a love for music and two beautiful children, Mikayla and Michael Jr.

Throughout his musical career, Michael J. Holloway has sung on various platforms, shows, concerts and other events; and has been featured with various groups and other music artists.

Along with his MJH team, Michael J. Holloway has a dedicated passion to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through music and ministry, to people from all walks of life.

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