For Loyce Dobson it all began in Jacksonville, FL where she was born

and raised in the church. Her mom was passionate about singing

and it was mandatory that she and her 3 siblings sang in the

church choir. Early as the age of 4 she recalls being a kid

walking around the house singing “Twinkle twinkle little

star” and her mom would yell out  “SING FROM YOUR

DIAPHRAGM”. It was both mom and Godmother who

were her earliest influence. These were ladies who would

sing tears to your eyes. They would both sit young Loyce

down to the piano and make her sing the musical scales.

As she watched them lead worship together over the years

it created an appetite in her for singing that would push

her to become not just a singer but a write, director, and

vocal coach.


Loyce has shared the stage with many artists but for her

the call of God went beyond just being an artist. Knowing

she was also called to preach she ran from God for years. It

wasn’t until she was 17 and fresh out of high school that she had

that conversation with God. Her excuse to Him was she had watched so many people try to live as Christians only to fail. God’s response to her was “I’m not asking you to try them I’m asking you to try me”. After fifteen years of trying Him she still declares “It’s still the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life!”

Loyce “Shawny” Dobson continues to lead people before the throne. She believes that if you can experience God for yourself the results will be life changing. It is that belief that drives her to sing with so much passion and intensity. Her assignment is to exemplify the heart of God as a worshipper. Her mission is simple, when they leave out the room having experienced the presence of God every believer and non-believer should know the Father’s heart.


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