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Dr. Bernadette Rene Williams is a native of Jacksonville, Florida.

She comes from a big family. Her life has been spent helping other

families build stronger bonds with each other and their

community. Dr. Williams is one of six children. 

When she was young her parents adopted six of her cousins

who needed care after their mother became mentally ill.

This instantly made their household a family of 14.

This experience shaped Bernadette's value of faith, family

and goodwill. 

Bernadette's career began in the early 1970s at the

Department of Defense. She worked at  NAS Jax for 28 years

before she made a career change to work full time with her

husband in the church they founded together - Household of

Faith. The first service was held December 20th, 1989. Over 31

years they have grown from their original 5 founding members

to hundreds of families who call household of Faith their church


As the ministry grew, Bernadette invested time in her own

academic and spiritual growth. In 1995 she obtained her degree in Business Administration and accounting at Florida Community College of Jacksonville. This broadened her knowledge and ability as she continued to serve with her husband pastoring the church. Dr. Williams managed her household finances, the church finances, worked a full-time job, and studied to obtain a college education.


Over time Bernadette completed a Masters degree and Doctorate degree in Christian Psychology from Truth Bible College and Seminary. In 1998 she was licensed as a pastoral counsellor and worked in the community for more than two years as a counsellor to Jacksonville families.

During her 30 years in ministry she has launched several programs that help women and their families including Women of Victory, Laboring For Love Ministry, Repairers of the Breach prayer group and Camp H.O.M.E. These programs offer spiritual guidance, counselling, prayer and support for women and children looking to fulfil their purpose.

Most recently Dr. Williams launched a digital webcast on FaceBook called "Transformation Tuesday." It's a weekly Facebook Live segment where she talks about transformation and change from the inside out. The webcast was inspired by her 2017 weight loss journey. Bernadette had several health concerns spanning from heart health issues to knee injuries. After several unsuccessful attempts to lose weight, a 120-day fast led to a lifestyle change which resulted in her shedding 54 pounds. Bernadette went from a size 18 women to a size 10. This shifted her ideas about women's empowerment. Her message now encompassed a belief that self-care leads to better care of others. Through her life's work, she is finding that without balance the work you put in to help others will not last. She has found that through self-care she has gained more compassion for others, more joy in life and more contentment with the world around her.

Pastor Bernadette Williams

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